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This is the personal website I use to share articles, images and other random pieces of information.

Contact information

twitter: @drx777
jabber: david (dot) rekowski (at) gmx (dot) de

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technical blahblupp

This site is some kind of experimentation testbed for my Symfony 2 efforts. It uses a custom library for reading and parsing a plain files and folders structure to generate the site's content. This is hooked into a Symfony 2 application bundle. Library, content and application are versioned with git and deployed using satis for packaging and composer for the actual update. Publishing a new article involves to create a new document (e.g. markdown), write the content, save it, commit and push it, update the composer package via satis and update the installation. Sounds like a lot, but it's merely a few commands on the terminal. Versioning included.