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The Lost Dutchman Mine

complete guide

by David Rekowski

Hello and welcome to the complete guide to 'The Lost Dutchman Mine'.

This document will tell you everything you need to know from the beginning of the game to its glorious end.

The Lost Dutchman Mine


  1. Getting Started
  2. Through the Mountains
  3. Notes

Getting Started

You are one of the many prospectors trying to find the Lost Dutchman Mine, a mine of untold amounts of gold. You arrive at Goldfield, a little town that provides everything you need on your journey.


Head into the shop (Mercantile) and buy your first equipment: merhantile

  • a pan (no skillet)
  • fish hooks
  • 1-2 canteens


This should do to get you started. Leave town (hit space) and head northwest until you reach the river. Settle beneath the water (space) and fill your canteens. Do a little fishing, until you have enough provisions. Then pan until you get the message that you have no space left.


You may want to save here, in case you encounter unpleasant fellows like bandits, indians or rattle snakes on your way back. If you have a gun, try to kill them. If you are too slow, you get a bite, arrow or bullet wound, that has to be cured by the doc in town.

assay office

Go to the assay office and change the gold you found into money.

As soon as you can afford it, buy

  • a pistol
  • bullets


in order to be able to defend enemies and snakes. If you have money left, put it on the bank to keep it save. Repeat these steps until you have about $1000. Go to the stables and buy a mule. It will be able to carry the gold you find as well as food.


Your aim is to get enough money to purchase all three mules and some more gear:

  • a lamp
  • matches
  • 3 ropes
  • a pick
  • a lot of canteens
  • a lot of food


I filled half the space with food, and the other half with water which worked out fine.

I am not sure, why you should need some warm clothing and a blanket, maybe it influences satiation - if anyone finds out, let me know.

Through the mountains


The next and longer part of your way to finding the Lost Dutchman Mine is to walk through the mountains and explore every cave you find. I suggest you go clockwise around the mountains and do the little mountains in the inner area later. Whatever you do, make sure you know, which caves you already visited, since you may have to visit each. I marked the caves I found in the map.

Cave entrance

There are caves that are well build and reinforced by joists. These are mines. Mines contain gold which you can dig. This gold is worth much more than that you get out of the river, so you will probably not pan any more and since discard the pan. If you have enough money to buy food, you can discard the fishing hooks as well, to free up more space.


The mules will not be able to follow you in a cave, so make sure you have everything you need with you. If you are in a mine, take lamp, matches and your pick, otherwise (a normal cave), take ropes instead of the pick.

gold lode

Exploring the mine, you will find gold at the end of many galleries, you have to dig here, using space. Keep space pressed, until the Gold disappears or you get the message that your backpack is full.


There are two ways of finding the Lost Dutchman Mine. The first way is to explore mines only until you have enough gold and then go for the caves that contain the map parts. These will show you the way to the Lost Dutchman Mine.

Map to the Lost Dutchman Mine

There may be about 4-6 parts, but you will hardly need more than 3 if you have the overview map. I did it this way.

branch to the Lost Dutchman Mine

The other way is to explore all mines until you find the one that contains a way down without a ladder, where you need a rope to climb. If you find this one, you're in the Lost Dutchman Mine.


Whatever way you choose, you will end up in a cave below a mine, which breaks down. Be fast, and save often. You will come to a large hall, which has many ropes hanging down from above. There are spiders climbing these ropes, which throw you down each time you touch one.

exit of the Lost Dutchman Mine

Save and try to climb and change ropes until you manage to get to the hole that is above rope #3 or so. Go up and leave the cave. You will have to get back to town and claim the Lost Dutchman Mine at the assay office. You have won!




bought map

There is a map for sale ($10) at the mercantile, which points to a mine. Not much worth the money, but you can take a look at it.



You can sleep at the saloon after 6pm. You can gamble with the guy at the table. You get drinks from the bartender.



Didn't check it until I finished the game. Not of much interest.



You get a bounty for killing some specific bandits. There's another button besides 'Exit' after killing him. It takes you right into the city jail, wherever you are in the country, and gets you a reward.

Anti venom


You get anti venom from the shop, which cures snake bites. I carried three of them and didn't have to use any, but you may want to carry 1-2 of them, just in case.



You can travel relatively secure along the road, besides the river and through the mountains without encountering any enemies. Indians steal your mules, if you 'run'. Bandits take your money.

Other stuff for sale

I didn't find much use for anything else that's for sale in the shop. If you find out anything, let me know.


As long as I needed money, I got gold out of the mines. Usually I went as deep as I could before digging the gold, since you may have to go throug the mine twice or even more often and don't want to go down all the way for a single gold lode. But there are so many mines you don't have to empty any of them. I am a bit perfectionist, so I did.

Moving inventory

To move an item in the inventory, select it with the left mouse button and place it using the right mouse button.

I hope this guide helped you on your way finding The Lost Dutchman Mine.

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