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Democratic side chair


The second chair is a democratic side chair after the plans from Curtis Buchanan and following the corresponding youtube series. The idea is to need as few tools as possible, i.e. no lathe is required and most shaping can be done with the drawknife.



Crest, stretchers, posts and undercarriage are from domestic oak. The seat is made from laminated white/Weymouth pine (pinus strobus). As finish, I applied a stain of Van Dyck Crystals (made from walnut husks), two coats of slate milk paint and three coats of walnut oil.


The chair is made solely with hand-tools, no machines or power tools have been used, not even a cordless drill. For more information on the tools, refer to my first windsor chair article.


I posted a few pictures on my instagram. Most was similar to the other windsor chair, only I didn't have to do any turnings, tenons were shaped on the shavehorse with drawknife and spokeshave.


I am happy with how the chair turned out, even though there are a few mistakes and problems (crest is tilted, seat developed surface cracks and a small split, spindles are of uneven thickness, ...). It's still solid and useable and as always, the finish of milkpaint and oil, while very laborious, gives an unparalleled surface feel.

Thanks for reading!