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Dining table with breadboard ends and double Y-stretchers

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This table is made from two 4 meter slabs of oak about 50cm wide and rough 40mm thick. The legs are 75x75mm posts ordered to dimension.


The finished dimensions are 185x94x76cm, the top is about 35mm thick.


The top is made of four 15-20cm boards cut from the slabs with two breadboard ends each with two protruding through tenons, two hidden tenons 50mm wide and tounge and groove.

The frame is a simple mortise and tenon construction with haunched tenons and drawbore pins. There are two additional stretchers between the long sides, inserted in a housing dado with a wedged through tenon into the side aprons.

The undercarriage consists of Y-stretchers, contrary to the common farmhouse table H-stretchers, to allow room for chair and feet at the front ends. The concept is similar to a hayrake or Barnsley style table for stability; five mortise and tenon joints create an interlocked triangle, which prevents levering torque. They are secured with drawbore pins. For good measure, an additional brace is screwed on from the underside.

The undercarriage is jointed to the legs with tenons, shouldered internally to reduce the mortise's thickness. Pins from the underside of the legs go through those tenons to lock them in place.

Hide glue was used for any gluing.

Hand tools were used for the construction other than a cordless drill for the holes and that I gave the undercarriage boards to a carpenter for planing.

The finish is three coats of walnut oil (with pumice dust) and three coats of tung oil for the top, same oils but less coats for the base.

The top is secured to the base with 18 turn buttons.