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Comparison of Veritas® Bench Planes (metric)

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This article gives an tabular comparison of the technical data on various Veritas bench planes. It is not a comparison with other makers.


I was looking for a convenient chart on Veritas planes and couldn't directly find one.


All values are approximations and may have errors. This is only for informational purposes, do not rely on the validity of these values for anything.

I am in no way affiliated with Veritas.


Basically just what I found on the Veritas site.

Low-Angle Planes (Bevel-Up)

Name Length Width Blade width Weight Product IDs*
Veritas® Low-Angle Smooth Plane 26,7cm 6,4cm 5,1cm 1,6kg 05P25.01/.51/.71
Veritas® Small Bevel-Up Smooth Plane 22,9cm 5,9cm 4,5cm 1,3kg 05P39.01/.51/.71
Veritas® Low-Angle Jack Plane 38,1cm 7cm 5,7cm 2,7kg 05P34.01/.51/.71
Veritas® Bevel-Up Smoother Plane 25,4cm 3-1/8" 5,7cm 2,3kg 05P36.01/.51
Veritas® Bevel-Up Jointer Plane 55,9cm 7,3cm 5,7cm 3,4kg 05P37.01/.51/.71

Regular Planes (Bevel-Down)

Name Length Width Blade width Weight Product IDs*
Veritas® #4 Smooth Plane 24,1cm 5,1cm 2kg 05P26.01/.51/.71
Veritas® #4-1/2 Smoothing Plane 25,4cm 7,3cm 6cm 2,3kg 05P23.01/.51/.71
Veritas® #5-1/4W Bench Plane 30,5cm 5,1cm 2,3kg 05P24.01/.51/.71
Veritas® #6 Fore Plane 45,7cm 6cm 3,1kg 05P28.01/.51/.71

 * indicates steel type: .01 = A2, .51 = O1, .71 = PMV-11